Stoicism and U.S. Immigration

One of the basic tenets of Stoicism is cosmopolitanism, the idea that all humans belong to a single community, based on shared morality.  So it only seem natural that Stoics would be the most compassionate towards the issue of immigration.

I’d imagine that if the United States was populated with a significant Stoic citizenry, we’d be a lot more relaxed on our borders.  Does that mean we’d let other nations take us over?  No, I don’t think that follows.  But we’d certainly be more willing to grant citizenship to people that were willing to embrace our culture by working for a living or who joined our military, police, firefighters, or other important civil careers.

We’d also be more willing to grant citizenship to refugees regardless of whether they were Christians, Jews, or Muslims.

What do you think?  Do you agree or disagree?

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3 thoughts on “Stoicism and U.S. Immigration

  1. Thank you for this post. I do agree that Stoic thought would contribute to a moreinclusive, caring ethic or all humans and not simply a chosen few. It doesn’t mean that bias would utterly disappear, but the central messages of Stoic thought could definitely lead to greater social harmony.

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  2. I have recently relaxed my own stance on immigration. Before I was afraid and territorial, but lately my ideas have changed to something driven more by compassion. I was not aware of the principle of cosmopolitanism in Stoicism, but then my readings on the subject are incomplete. Thank you for this post!

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