5 Reasons Why Stoicism Is Better Than Toxic Waste

  1. Toxic waste in science fiction or fantasy can do a lot of amazing things when, for one example, turtles or a rat are exposed to it like in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  It basically gives anyone super powers; well, when it’s the right toxic waste, usually it glows green.  Stoicism though says the only thing truly in our power is our judgment, opinions, goals, aversions, and desires.  In fact, since they’re really the only thing in anyone’s power, Stoics have become much greater masters of their rational faculties and thus have the real superpowers.
  2. In real life, toxic waste can make you really sick.  Stoicism doesn’t seem to do that.  Stoicism might make you practice some discomfort but generally doesn’t require you to go overboard and certainly wouldn’t make you expose yourself to toxic waste by eating it or swimming in it.
  3. Toxic waste, when not stored properly, can really harm the environment.  Though ancient Stoics did not discuss the environment (that I know of), in the modern age Stoics, using their reason, would find it important to preserve or conserve natural environments and resources.
  4. Toxic waste usually contains elements like arsenic or mercury or molecules like cyanide or PCBs.  These elements and molecules can harm you if ingested or harm the environment.  But if you ingest Stoicism through your mind, it tends to heal your mind and provide benefit.  Also if you release Stoicism into the environment, for example, you tell a tree or a river about Epictetus, the tree doesn’t get harmed nor does the river’s aquatic wildlife.
  5. Toxic waste doesn’t feel very good.  If you get it on your skin, you’ll likely feel yucky but you could also feel like your skin is on fire as the chemicals eat away your epidermis.  Stoicism never seems to feel yucky or eat your skin.  You can’t even really bathe in it or drink it.  But you can definitely consume it.  Using negative visualization wrong can have ill effects.  But if you use it right, you will find a lot of benefit.



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